It’s a Two-fer!

On Sunday the hubby had his writing group again, so my son and I embarked on yet another of our adventures, seeking out fun and free things to do in Los Angeles. We’re out of downtown Los Angeles now, though, as his group has been moved back to AFI in Hollywood. I thought about going to Barnsdall Park, but wasn’t sure how well it would hold my kid’s interest. Still, I was in the mood for something artsy and fun, so we headed over to La Luz De Jesus Gallery on Hollywood Blvd.

Currently (through March 31st), La Luz De Jesus is displaying a ton of awesome, original artwork in its 27th annual group show: Laluzapalooza. There’s a wide variety of pieces to enjoy from a wooden urinal to abstract and erotic paintings to a little robotic eyeball creature. My kid had a blast (and so did I).


The good news is that when you visit the gallery, you get a two-for-one free things to do in Los Angeles kinda deal! The gallery is actually housed in Wacko Soap Plant (the self acclaimed “2nd Happiest Place on Earth”). 

Actually, this isn’t too far from the truth. This place is totally rad. The store is a lot bigger than it seems from outside, and it’s jam packed with all kinds of unique books, art, funky doodads, creative/silly gifts, and other (well, wacko) merchandise. I think my son could have stayed there forever, trying to look at everything (although I did had to discretely guide him away from a rather provocative aisle of books). 


If you haven’t been to Wackos, I would definitely recommend the stop. Even if you decide to pick up something cool that you find while visiting, everything is pretty reasonably priced. We managed to get out without spending a dime, so it was a successful free Los Angeles outing.

Just a disclaimer – if you bring your kids to Laluzapalooza, just be aware that there are some nude paintings. I personally feel that boobs and butts are a part of life, so it didn’t bum me out when my kid was exposed to them, but just a heads up to those who see the world a differnt way. 



*All pictures are property of La Luz De Jesus Gallery & Wacko Soap Plant*


One thought on “It’s a Two-fer!

  1. I like the idea of spending time there with your son or any kids. Anything along those lines, in my opinion, enriches a child’s life. Good for you mom! And thank you for the pictures!

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