Artsy Fartsy

The amount of cool and free things to do in Los Angeles never ceases to amaze me. I guess it shouldn’t. The cost of living is so high that no one can afford anything else! But I digress.

A few years ago, my husband and I had attended a really cool art walk in West Hollywood during the spring. I was curious as to when the next one would be held, but ended up getting totally sidetracked by my discovery of the free downtown Los Angeles art walk. Whaaaat?

Apparently, there’s a pretty big-deal art walk shindig in downtown LA on the second Thursday of every month. That means that the next art walk is on March 14th – I have given you plenty of time to ask for the day off of work to go! Just kidding. Actually the Downtown Art Walk runs from about noon to 10pm, so you can still check it out after work. 🙂


Basically, the Downtown Art Walk is a self-guide tour of forty-some galleries that are all centered around the Spring Street and Main Street (between crossroads of 2nd and 9th street) area of Los Angeles. It’s totally free and at your own pace, so you’ll be able to enjoy each piece for as long (or as short) as you’d like. Whether you’re just showing up for the urban vibe or because you’re seriously interested in buying something, you are more than welcome.


Each art walk has its own theme. The upcoming event on the 14th is based around the world created in Gavin Hignight‘s new novel, The Freak Table. The featured artists will display pieces that are their own interpretations of both classic punk and post punk album covers.


Plus you can get some free bread. Eureka Organic Baking Company will be hanging out at the Downtown Art Walk lounge (at 634 S. Spring Street) and giving out samples of three varieties of their goods: SAAA-Wheat, Seeds the Day, and Graniac (how cute).


It sounds pretty rad and I may just have to convince my hubby that it’s worth the trek from the AV to “down below” to check it out. I’ve got 10 days to get him interested….any tips are welcomed!



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