Fun at the Farmer’s Market

Hello, and welcome back from the long weekend! Yesterday was may wedding anniversary, but my hubby and I waited to celebrate it until today since our son was home for President’s Day. So instead of some fancy pants evening out, we saved the $$ on a babysitter and drove to the Los Angeles Farmers Market for lunch while the boy was in school.


Why the Farmer’s Market, you ask? Well, that’s where we had our wedding reception – at Marmalade Cafe. We decided to go back today and order the same dishes that we had back then, and we were not disappointed! Plus, the Farmer’s Market is just another of the fun and free things to do in Los Angeles.


If you’ve never been, you should really think about checking it out. Not only is it free, but there’s so much to look at and the place is full of history. After all, they’re proud to announce to the world that they’ve been on 3rd and Fairfax since ’34! Additionally, the Farmers Market bleeds into The Grove which is another fun and free spot in LA.

When you arrive at the Farmers Market, be sure to park in one of their lots if you can – not in The Grove parking. While the Grove offers free parking for the first hour, the Farmer’s Market offers 2 hours of free parking with a validated ticket. It’s true that to get validation you have to make a purchase, but with so many kiosks, merchants, fresh food, and restaurants, I defy you to walk away with something. Plus, it’s all pretty cheap and the hourly rate for parking would cost you more than buying a pastry or a tote bag.


The fun thing about the original Farmers Market is that it really seems to go on forever. There are so many little shops and stands to visit – some with tasty treats and others with interesting merchandise. There’s also the “new” areas of the Farmers Market which includes Marmalade Cafe, Dylan’s Candy Bar (a must visit!) , Zara, and more. The full directory can be found here.


All in all, you’re sure to have a fun and cheap adventure at the Los Angeles Farmer’s Market. Be sure to check out their events calendar to see if there’s anything in particular you’d like to experience (St. Patty’s is right around the corner!)



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