The Buffy Mecca

It’s been almost 10 years since Joss Whedon called out, “That’s a wrap!” to the cast of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” for the final time. For all of us amongst the cult following of Buffy fans, however, the Scoobies are still alive and well, kicking demon butts all around Sunnydale, California.


Buffy enthusiasts are truly a family. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you look like – we’re all connected by our deep love for the Buffy-verse. In fact, one of the things that truly brought my hubby and I together was our passion for the series (that, and it’s sometimes uncanny similarities to the “Gilmore Girls”…but that’s another story). It was because of this that the two of us decided to take the Buffy mecca.

A big perk of living in the Los Angeles area is that you can totally stalk the places where your favorite T.V shows or movies were located. All it takes is a little online detective work and voila! Free entertainment and cheap thrills for the day. I was able to find all of the information that I needed on the Buffy Wikipedia site.

The mister and I started our day by driving into Griffith Park in Hollywood in order to find the “castle” where Spike and Drusilla shack up at the end of season two. You may also remember this as the spot where Buffy is forced to stake Angel (heartbreak!) and where he is then reanimated and must come to terms with Earth after his stint in a hell dimension. This structure is known as “The Ennis House” and is quite impressive in person (as is the entire Hollywood Hills neighborhood surrounding it!) Unfortunately, the building was recently sold and is now under renovations so some of the pictures that I captured are graced by the image of various construction workers. Still, it was neat.


Next, it was off to Sunnydale High School – AKA Torrance High School. I have to admit, I got a serious case of the fan girl giggles just sitting on one of the benches where Buffy, Xander, Willow, Cordelia, and Oz used to hang out. I’m a total nerd, I know. For me, seeing the high school was really the highlight of my day. So many scenes were shot there and it was hard not to replay them all in my mind as I stood on that hallowed ground (well, hallowed to ME, anyway).


Literally right around the corner from Sunnydale High is the Summer’s residence located at 1313 Cota Avenue in Torrance. I have to hand it to the people who live there – it must get really annoying when people are constantly driving up to your house and snapping pictures all the time. At least the folks inside the Buffy house have it better than the ones who live in “The Brady Bunch” house (in Studio City). This was another really cool stop. My hubby and I are actually going through the series again, and in season 6 (where we are at right now) there are a ton of exterior shots of the house and of the street. I can’t help myself – I always have to squeal, “Hey! We’ve been there!”


Last stop for us was the cemetery where Buffy does most of her slaying. For those who are wondering, it’s the Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery located at 1831 W. Washington Blvd. in Los Angeles. I kinda wanted to kick myself for not bringing a stake or other pointy wooden object to reenact some slayage of my own…next time.

And there WILL be a next time. I still haven’t had the chance to visit the park where Tara sings “I’m Under Your Spell”, and Giles’ house, amongst others.


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