First post! I figured I would kick it off with a quick introductory post before jumping right into it, so here we go. First off, I feel that I should be upfront with the fact that I’m not a Los Angeles native, nor was I born in the state of California. But when I hopped out of the car, fresh from Iowa, I just knew that this was home. The culture, the vibe, the endless reign of things to do…this was the world that I belonged to. Unfortunately, LA’s high cost of living means that once you’ve shelled out your monthly dues to the landlord and paid the electric bill, there’s not much left over to invest in having some fun. This is why I had to learn to get creative and find ways to have a good time without incurring overdraft fees from my meager bank account. And let me tell you, once you start looking for cheap and/or free things to do in the greater Los Angeles area, you’ll find that you’ll never have a reason to be bored (or broke) again. 

So I decided to start a blog. I’m a copywriter by trade (see:, so I obviously enjoy writing and have a bit of a knack for it (at least, i hope I do!) – why not blog about my adventures and the things things I’ve discovered so that everyone else can enjoy them too? And here we are.

Whether you’re an Angeleno or are planning to visit the area, my goal is to provide helpful tips and tricks for navigating the city in a way that is fun and affordable. Look out for posts on the cheap, the free, the fun, and the just plain bizarre. There’s a whole world to be discovered right here in the city limits – are you ready to explore?Image


4 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. I’m from Nebraska but lived in Los Angeles for almost 17 years. I look forward to checking out your future posts. I plan on moving back at some point. I’m a comedian and I’ve been working a lot throughout the Midwest lately. Plus it’s nice to save a little money as well. I do miss my beautiful, ugly, wonderful, awful LA though! I took the bus in LA for 4 years and I’ve posted and continue to posts pictures from that time period on my blog. Hope you will check em out.

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